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The share of young people aged 25-29 years in the EU-28 who participated in education rose from 12.9 % in 2005 to 13.3 % in 2015; it had been somewhat higher in 2010 when it reached 13.7 %, probably reflecting the lack of employment opportunities that were available in several EU Member States in the aftermath of the global financial and economic crises, which may have led some students to consider extending their education or indeed returning to education in order to improve their qualifications. This pattern was particularly evident in Greece, where the participation rate of young people aged 25-29 years jumped dramatically from 9.8 % in 2005 to 44.1 % in 2010, before returning to 17.8 % in 2015. It was also apparent, to a lesser degree (among others), in Portugal and Romania. Contrary to the developments observed for young people aged 20-24 years, there was no clear pattern as to how the participation rates of young people aged 25-29 years developed. While participation rates in Greece, the Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg were at least 5.0 points higher in 2015 than they had been in 2005, it was almost as common to find that rates declined. For example, the participation rate of young people aged 25-29 years in education fell by at least 5.0 points between 2005 and 2015 in Slovenia and Hungary and by as much as 9.9 points in the United Kingdom, Childcare attendance and participation in education. Early childhood education and care can potentially increase the well-being of young children, advance children’s rights and ensure that all children have a fair start in life., The latest Tweets from МЦФЭР Образование (@mcfr_education). Страница для специалистов образовательных организаций. Москва.
Фильм «Образование» - третий в документальном цикле – «Калачинск. Годы обновления , Целевая статья расходов (другое название – код целевой статьи расходов – КЦСР) отражает расходы по конкретным направлениям деятельности главных распорядителей средств в пределах указанного подраздела., «Начальное профессиональное образование» КЦСР 4259900 «Обеспечение деятельности (оказание , Сетевое издание агалатово.рф, наименование СМИ "Муниципальное образование «Агалатовское сельское поселение» Всеволожского муниципального района Ленинградской области", свидетельство о регистрации СМИЭЛ № ФС 77 , Education stock photos and royalty free images Expand your horizons with this library of stock photos of education topics. Whether you need books, classrooms, students, or campuses depicted, these education images have you covered., "Открытое образование" - это образовательная платформа, предлагающая студентам массовые онлайн-курсы по .
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