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However, it is possible that Stoddard constructed his "under man" as an antipode to Friedrich Nietzsche's Übermensch (or superman) concept. Stoddard doesn't say so explicitly, but he refers critically to the "superman" idea at the end of his book (p.262). Wordplays with Nietzsche's term seem to have been used repeatedly as early as the 19th century and, due to the German linguistic trait of being able to combine prefixes and roots almost at will in order to create new words, this development was even somewhat logical. For instance, German author Theodor Fontane contrasts the Übermensch/Untermensch word pair in his novel Der Stechlin (1898, see Chapter 33). As a matter of fact, even Nietzsche himself used "Untermensch" at least once in contrast to "Übermensch" (Die fröhliche Wissenschaft [1882], 3rd book, Chapter 143) but this bears no resemblance to the Untermensch in later thought. Earlier examples of "Untermensch" include Romanticist Jean Paul using the term in his novel Hesperus (1795) in reference to an Orangutan (Chapter "8. Hundposttag")., Untermensch (German pronunciation: [ˈʔʊntɐˌmɛnʃ], underman, sub-man, subhuman; plural: Untermenschen) is a term that became infamous when the Nazis used it to describe non-Aryan "inferior people" often referred to as "the masses from the East", that is Jews, Roma, and Slavs – mainly Poles, Serbs, and later also Russians., Untermensch (German for under man, sub-man, sub-human; plural: Untermenschen) is a term from Nazi racial ideology used to describe supposedly inferior people, especially "the masses from the East," that is Eastern European Jews and Soviet Bolshevists (with the two groups often described as being less or more congruent in Nazi propaganda)..
"The Jews are hiding the truth": what the neo Nazis in Germany think - Duration: 11:43. כאן חדשות - תאגיד השידור הישראלי 236,650 views, Definition of Untermensch in English: Untermensch. noun. A person considered racially or socially inferior. Example sentences ‘Her specialty was forging identification cards to assist in smuggling Jews and other Untermenschen out of the Netherlands.’ ‘They saw the extermination of Jews and other Untermenschen as an awful, but necessary, task on the road to a better world.’ ‘The , German word meaning subhumans (plural - note singular is untermensch). Often used to describe Jews and Slavs during Nazi period and now most often restricted to the increasingly sdesperate fulminations of supposedly Christian bigots such as Aidan Work., Untermensch unknown "Under Man" A term used by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to describe the common man. Likened to sheep, the Untermensch is a social animal spouting pacifist and liberal morality., , .
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